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Star Wars Lightsaber Torch

Become a Star Wars action hero with your very own lightsaber! This wicked implement looks just like a lightsaber but is actually a torch with a dazzling blue light! It even comes with lightsaber noises when it is turned on and off!

Polaroid Smartphone TV Magnifier

Watch all your videos with ease by simply placing your phone into this Polaroid TV Magnifier. This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves something a little bit retro and loves watching videos. Treat them to a little bit of nostalgia!

Star Wars BB-8 Projection Torch

Patterned with BB-8s eye-catching design, this nifty little Star Wars torch projects the films iconic logo and is an out-of-this-world way to show your appreciation for the sci-fi space saga!

Bart Simpson USB 8GB Memory Stick

Let this super cool dude take care of storing your precious files and photos. With a 8GB capacity, Bart is one handy little chap to have around.

Star Wars Rogue One Gadget Decals

Looking for some awesome Rogue One memorabilia? Well, why not customise your favourite tech with these wicked Star Wars stickers! Featuring the main characters and ships from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, including Darth Vader, K-2SO and the ultimate fearsome weapon, the Death Star! The perfect way to celebrate the first live-action, stand-alone Star

Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Multi Tool

Be inspired by Nintendos mechanical marvel Mario with this wicked multi-tool! Featuring a classic 2D pixel design, this Mario keyring has a hidden slide out bottle opener with screwdriver endings. The perfect multi-use tool to help fix those little problems and give you a power-up boost at a moments notice!

Star Wars VII The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon Umbrella

Be ready for any storm, thanks to this awesome Star Wars Episode 7 Millennium Falcon Umbrella. Ideal for waging a battle against the elements, the outside is black with a subtle Star Wars logo but the inside is just out of this world as it features a super detailed print of the Millennium Falcon. An

Star Wars Boba Fett USB 8GB Memory Stick

Need some more space to store your photos/documents? Well Star Wars Boba Fett has travelled from a galaxy far far away to attend to your needs! In the form of a USB 8GB memory stick, he provides a great place to keep your bits and bobas safe.

Marvel Captain America USB 8GB Memory Stick

Make boring USB flash drives a distant memory with this fun Marvel Comics creation! Featuring the all American superhero, Captain America, compete with his trusty shield, this is what memories were made for!

Game Of Thrones Monopoly Game Set

Calling all Kings and Queens, liars and honest men – playing a deadly game for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros may be hard work, but how do you feel about Monopoly? Pay homage to the amazing Game of Thrones with this collectors edition of Monopoly.

LEGO Stormtrooper Star Wars Key Light

May the force be with you, when you are wielding this handy little Stormtrooper light up keychain! Let Star Wars elite soldier light the way with his bright LED abilities whilst also making your keys look cool!

LEGO Batman DC Superheroes Key Light

As if Batman wasnt useful enough already! This little official LEGO, DC Comics buddy can attach himself to your wallet/bag and through the power of light up feet, show you the way!

LEGO Superman DC Superheroes Key Light

What a super find this is! Let Superman light the way with this nifty light up feet.

Coca-Cola Christmas Holidays Are Coming Truck 1:76 Scale Diecast Model

Ho-Ho-Holy hot potato! We cant believe how Cool this little truck is! Bring the Christmas Coca-Cola cheer into your very own home thanks to Oxford Diecast! Developed in conjunction with Coca-Cola in Atlanta, they have replicated the truck, ready to be snapped up by festive Coca-Cola fans! How refreshing!